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O2 945

Infused With Carbonation
Distilled From Grain
London, England
Cedar Grove, N.J.
O2 945 Vodka is the new super premium O2, The World's First Sparkling Vodka.

945 signifies that the proof is 94 and that it is distilled 5 times for superior taste that will delight and surprise the Vodka connoisseur.

O2 945 is a hand crafted British super premium pure grain vodka, a special blend of wheat and malted barley, batch distilled five times in 100 year old traditional copper pot stills, filtered for purity, and blended with crystal clear English spring water for an exceptionally smooth and pure taste.

Their patented process that took 2 years to perfect transforms this special vodka and infuses 'Champagne style' bubbles creating a bright and lively texture that enhances the taste.