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Whiskey Small Batch & Very Small Batch
Distilled From At Least 51% Corn
Bardstown, Ky. U.S.A.
Made In The U.S.A.
Bardstown, Ky.
McLain and Kyne is extremely proud of its very small batches that are handcrafted using only "indigenous" grains. They claim the master distiller select only 8-12 barrels of whiskey for blending this bourbon.

Sam Houton bourbon has a higher percentage of rye in its grain mash, which creates a spicier, more robust flavor than other, softer bourbons with more corn or wheat in the grain bill. It's named in honor of Texan Sam Houston for his colorful character, represented in the bourbon. They call it "robust yet elegant."

Production of the whiskeys is currently outsourced to Kentucky Bourbon Distillers according to Castle Brand's annual report. But in a subsequent filing on December 2, 2009, Castle Brands sold the Sam Houston label to Western Spirits Beverage Company. We're a bit unclear right now of the disposition of this brand but for now have it listed with McLain & Kyne.