Made From: Angelica & Pyrenees Plants
Origin: Matha, France
Proof: 80
Age: 0
Importer: Bought On The Internet.

Already known at the time of the Visigoths, who were driven from Clovis, in the following centuries Matha was constantly at the center of a dispute between the French and the British, especially during the Hundred Years War, when it was often out of hand, becoming , depending on the circumstances, of the Catholic faith, now, now Protestant.

In the old town there are two interesting Romanesque churches, the subject of numerous sightseeing. Arouse interest as the ancient establishments of the distillery Angelica of the Pyrenees, a magnificent example of industrial archeology, linked to the vineyards.

It was in 1898 that Leopold Brugerolle gave life to his distillery was expanded in 1904 and to which was added, in 1906, a suitable laboratory. The plant, which was partially rebuilt in 1941 after a fire, home, even today, old machinery and historians stills, even if the company’s production is oriented mainly towards the cognac, the most renowned among the French brandies.

In 1947, the Brugerolle, it became a limited liability company in 1970 and was sold to Fran├žois, the last of the dynasty at the helm of the company, the CGC, a company with headquarters in Cognac, which specializes in detecting small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector specific.

Since that time, as we have said, completely ceases production of the ancient spirits, which had characterized the Leopold Brugerolle, such as angelica and brandy.

The Angelica plant that can reach one meter in height, belongs to the family Umbelliferae. Featuring a big trunk, large jagged leaves, produces small flowers, white – yellowish, arranged like an umbrella on top of the plant.

As a rule, has been cultivated for centuries and its production in the Middle Ages, it was centered around monasteries. Its cultivation continues to this day, especially in Germany, in view of its therapeutic virtues of this plant, identified as a stimulator of the digestive tract, which antispamodico and also as an adjunct in asthma nervous and difficult menstruation.

Angelica instructions There are, however, rare wild varieties, detectable only in the Alps and the Pyrenees. From this last mountain range, they came, in fact, the plants, for the production of distilleries Brugerolle.

At the household level – crafted, with Angelica is possible to obtain infusions from the roots, a “wine”, produced by maceration of the plant in a white wine and liquor tonic.

The latter, has as basic alcoholic brandy, of which the Brugerolle were estimated producers, where the stem is infused green Angelica, suitably ground with the addition of nutmeg. After fifteen days of maceration, the infusion should be filtered and to it is added to a syrup of water and sugar.

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