Made From: Distilled From Wheat
Produced By: GAS FAMILLA S.R.O.
Origin: Slovak Republic
Proof: 80
Age: 0
Location: Manhasset, N.Y.

Double Cross Vodka is a brand of distilled spirit produced in the Slovak Republic. The distillery that produces Double Cross is situated in the town of Stara Lubovna, which is located in the Tatra Mountains in northeastern Slovakia.

Double Cross founders Malcolm Lloyd and John Gellner saw that there were few, if any, luxury goods from Slovakia in the U.S.. They also noted that there were few vodka brands in the price range set for Double Cross; however there are many vodkas in the market. They put four years of research and development into their liquor, touring distilleries throughout Eastern Europe to find Jan Krak, a master distiller in Slovakia near the Polish border.

According to its producers, Double Cross is seven-times distilled and seven-times filtered and made using locally-grown winter wheat and mountain spring water sourced from 200-foot (61 m) deep aquifers.

The custom bottle design was created by designers Brian Adducci and Dan Baggenstoss of the Minneapolis design firm CAPSULE. It is uniquely flat and rectangular, unlike virtually any spirit container on the market, made from high-end French crystal, laser engraved custom calligraphy with 18th-century Slovakian poetry on the back and the Double Cross logo on the front, and topped with a heavy polished metal snap-on cap. The Double Cross name acknowledged the brand’s heritage from the cross found in the Slovak flag and coat of arms.

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