Made From: Botanicals
Produced By: Zuidam
Origin: Holland
Proof: 89
Age: 0
Importer: Brought On The Internet

Zuidam Dutch Courage Gin is the perfect balance of Juniper and Fresh Citrus. Beginning with notes of violet, anise and pine leading to a finish of walnut and nutmeg, this smooth and complex gin is great served on the rocks. Gold Medal SF Spirits Competition

So the name, “Dutch Courage,” is attributed to a possibly apocryphal story about the origin of gin in England. Supposedly when the English were fighting alongside the Dutch in the 20 years war, the Dutch took a swig of a spirit before rushing into battle. This spirit made them bold! Made them powerful! Made them courageous. Hence the name “Dutch Courage.” The stuff they were drinking? Genever. The ancestral spirit which led to the development of gin. And ostensibly— Zuidam Dutch Courage.

Truth be told, the term probably didn’t exist until much later. But nevertheless, good story right?

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