Made From: Distilled From Grain
Origin: Winslow, U.K.
Proof: 96
Age: 0
Importer: Bought On The Internet

The creation of a new London Dry Gin was a task that was far more complicated than producing a new fruit gin. My partner John Simpson and I spent 6 months distilling and re-distilling new ideas with the help of our distiller Charles Maxwell.

We wanted to make a London Dry Gin, the highest quality style of gin possible, and in particular one that captured the lovely strong flavours of what used to be termed ‘Export Strength’ Gins. As a result we came up against a number of hurdles. Firstly the process of making a London Dry Gin allows no flavours to be added after the final distillation process, so combining the botanicals to get the best flavour and taste involves a lot trial and error. Each time we wanted to alter the recipe it involved making a whole new batch!

Using organic botanicals we finalised our recipe as follows. We combine the base botanicals of Juniper and Coriander seeds with Lemon Peel and Lime Flower and then use Angelica and Orris Root which act as the fixatives bringing harmony to the different flavours. The use of Lime flower gives the Gin a very clean and refreshing taste. A number of customers who taste our Gin expect a harshness from such a high strength Gin but the beauty of our recipe is whilst the flavour is strong it is also incredibly smooth. Many people find they can, much to their own surprise, drink it neat.

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