GOLD 999.9

Type: -
Made From: Grain
Produced By: Mulholland Trade International
Origin: Madrid, Spain
Proof: 80
Age: Unaged
Importer: Brought On The Internet

The story of this Gold 999.9 Gin starts at the beginning of the 20th century, when a gold pot still was being excavated in the Alsace region. When this pot was put up for sale, it was bought by an amateur distiller. This man had spent years of his life looking for the perfect spirit, the perfect distillation, an elixir as valuable as the material the golden pot still he had just bought was made of. Finally, he made a unique gin and named it Gold 999.9. It was this way that this special gin was born. A gin dissimilar to any other and the only one distilled in a gold pot still and in the same way it was made 100 years ago.

Gold is a complex gin in which resin (juniper), citric (tangerine), fresh flowers (violet flowers, gentian violet and poppies), spicy (ginger, coriander) and balsamic aromas (almonds and vanilla) live together and blend with Angelica root to balance. A delicate hint of juniper in the bottom through which tangerine and fresh flowers notes emerge powerfully to balance a nice end of almonds and vanilla, thus making Gold an authentic adventure for the most expert and curious palates.

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