Made From: Barley Malt Dried Over A Peat Fire
Produced By: HAIG & HAIG
Origin: Markinch, Scotland
Proof: 86
Age: 0

Robert Haig was censured by his church elders for operating a still upon the Sabbath in 1655. This is the oldest known reference to a whisky distillery. His descendants operated distilleries in England, Ireland and Scotland. John Haig opened the Cameron Bridge distillery in Windygates in 1824 and this was the first to produce grain whisky. His cousin, Robert Gates, created the first continuous still while his son, also called John, improved output by means of the then new practice of blending. The distinctive dimpled bottle was then introduced in the 1890s. This bottle became so well-known and important to the brand that it was registered as a trademark in the USA in 1958 by Julius Lunsford.

One of their famous advertising slogans was Don’t be vague, ask for Haig.

Haig or Haig & Haig are the oldest distillers of scotch whisky.
They produce the Dimple or Pinch brand in a distinctive three-sided bottle.
The distillery is now part of the Diageo conglomerate.

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