Made From: Distilled From Grain
Produced By: GI GROUP, INC,
Origin: El Cajon, Ca. U.S.A.
Proof: 80
Age: 0
Importer: Made In The U.S.A.
Location: El Cajon, Ca.

To make IceKube vodka soft, smooth and well balanced we decided to do a filtering process that was an Ancestral Technique. Most other vodkas do a charcoal filtration but their technique is to pass the vodka through a column with charcoal.

For IceKube we do our charcoal filtration a little different.
We prepare our vodka in 3000 liter batches and spray this vodka with 2kg of charcoal powder. The powder is extremely fine( reduced to 1200M2 per kg).
We use Nanometry Machines to make this fine powder. The powder is so fine that it penetrates inside the molecule of the ethanol and removes any bad residue with it.

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