Made From: Grain Neutral Spirits
Produced By: OST-ALCO LTD.
Origin: Russia
Proof: 40
Age: 0
Location: New Canaan, Ct.

Unlike a number of vodka distillers they use a blend of hard winter wheat and rye using water drawn from deep artesian wells (over 500 ft.). It is distilled 5 times, then filtered 5 times, each using the usual Russian method of paper, sand, then finally through specially-modified charcoal made from the stones of peaches and apricots, a special technique of the Chernogolovka distillery.

Produced at a new distillery founded in 1995, and given the “luxe” (type 3) designation of the highest grade of vodka by their government. This is the cranberry infused version of their vodka (the other versions being the Classic, Bilberry Infused and Ultra).

The berries are picked and infused the same day they are picked for a period of 28 days to ensure maximum extraction of flavor. Unlike a flavored vodka an infused vodka gets a lot more juice and flavors (and uses real materials) than a flavored vodka – which many times use a flavoring made in a chemical tank than in nature.

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