Made From: Ginseng & Coconut
Origin: Germany
Proof: 30
Age: 0
Importer: A. HARDY
Location: Rosemont, Ill.

This exciting new liqueur is named after the ancient study of variations of the art of love. Its Oriental heritage is underscored by the presence of its prime ingredient; ginseng, an Oriental herb known for its restorative and stimulating qualities for over 5000 years.

In its new incarnation, this ancient aphrodisiac, faintly redolent of ginger and pepper, is paired with the intense, sweet flavor of ripe fruit, in two delicious variations. In both, the melding of ginseng and fruit offers a multi-leveled sensory experience, with layers of warmth and richness exploding on the palate, and then receding with waves of pleasurable aromas and flavors.

Both versions represent a very modern interpretation of the classic liqueur, achieving a harmless balance between dry and sweet, between herbs and fruit. Not thick or cloying, they seduce the palate with a complex taste and a sensuous mouth feel.

And, since variations are part of Kamasutra’s definition, it is important to experience both. Plus, there are variations on these; savor its exquisite subtleties alone; straight up or chilled; on the rocks; or in the mood – setting cocktails.

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