Made From: Walnut
Origin: Chicago, Ill. U.S.A.
Proof: 56
Age: 0

The origins of the liquor are uncertain. We know that there are versions of liquor of nuts in many European countries , from ‘ Italy , to the Urals , to ‘ England . Ancient Roman documents report that the Picts , that the Britons , gather together in the midsummer night and drank from the same cup a dark walnut liqueur. Next sources report that among the French was in use a liqueur de brou de noix or ratafiÍ  husk.

Probably from France he made ‘‹’‹its entry in Italy, before spreading in the area of Redwing and then in the Modenese . The walnut always maintained an aura of legend, linked to the presence of witches and spells, which informed the preparation of liqueur. Traditionally, in fact, the nuts were gathered on the night of St. John the woman more experienced in the preparation, tree climbing barefoot, peeling off only the best nuts by hand and without affecting the skin.

Let the night dew for the whole night, they set the day after infusion. Their preparation ended on the eve of All Saints , that is, the night of October 31. In collecting the tradition asks us not to use tools of iron . The metal, in fact, would affect the properties of medicinal plants. It is a fact that the plants cut with metal blade before oxidize and fade more quickly than those cut, for example, with a blade of ceramics . The custom It is still very old and already the druids followed her catching the mistletoe with a sickle of gold.

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