Made From: Tangerine
Produced By: ILLVA SARONNO, S.P.A.
Origin: Italy
Proof: 48
Age: 0
Importer: Bought On The Internet.
Location: None

Amaro Was devised (one year later than the Mandarinetto, composed in 1870) by the company founded by Egidio Isolabella, which later became Isolabella F.lli & C. and finally E.Isolabella & Son, based in Milan in via Villoresi and in Corso Colombo . It was called “tonic drink” (and mandarinetto “greater than curacao” and “very luxurious liquor”). Apart from these, the house also produced Vermouth Bianco “High Life”. Subsequently the Mandarinetto and the Amaro 18 were acquired (along with the name “Isolabella” also became the brand) by Ilva Saronno.

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