Made From: Maple Syrup
Origin: Manitoba, Canada
Proof: 60
Age: 0
Importer: None On The Bottle
Location: None

The Original Canadian XO Maple Liqueur belongs to the family of Whisky liqueurs and is an exclusive blend of maple syrup and a fine Canadian whiskey. Only the finest Grade #1 Maple Syrup from Quebec is blended with a cask strength whisky from Alberta and complemented by other ingredients contained in the special recipe. The resulting product offers distinctly Canadian, well balanced taste and flavor which have received high reviews wherever served.

The Original Canadian XO Maple Liqueur started it’s journey as one of the first products of the Maple Leaf Distillers, a company founded in Winnipeg, the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. Subsequently Angostura Canada acquired the rights and the liqueur continued to being produced in the same location until mid 2000 when Angostura transferred most of its production abroad and the Winnipeg plant closed down.

Currently the Original Canadian XO Maple Liqueur is produced by Canadian Maple, an international company with headquarters in Canada and production facilities in Europe. Although this distinctly Canadian drink was for many years available only within the North American continent, thanks to the new ownership this delicates is now being introduced to the European market. The liqueur is still brewed in a strict adherence to the original formula utilizing the same Canadian components from the original suppliers, maintaining the same high quality and uniqueness which the first XO Maple Liqueur offered in North America.

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