Made From: Distilled From At Least 51% Rye
Produced By: 35 MAPLE STREET
Origin: Canada
Proof: 90
Age: 10
Importer: 35 MAPLE STREET
Location: Mira Loma, Ca.

Masterson’s is definitely a nice rye. Though, like Whistle Pig, it suffers from a bit of an identity crises because it gets distilled up in Canada, but then gets brought down and bottled here in the states. Part of me wants to call it a Canadian whisky, because really that’s what it is, and the other part of me wants to throw a fit because, again, we have a company that’s doing their best to not say they distill it without saying they don’t distill it either.

The name Masterson’s comes from Bat Masterson who was a figure of some renown in the American old west and like this whiskey he was born in Canada, but came to America to find his fortune and fame. Early in life he left Canada to be a buffalo hunter and from there he became an Army Scout in the not-so-awesome Indian battles before becoming a well-known gambler, a lawman and finally the sports editor for the New York Telegraph. I wonder what he would think of this whiskey?

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