Made From: Secret Formula
Produced By: MONTENEGRO S.P.A.
Origin: Bologna, Italy
Proof: 54
Age: 0
Importer: WINEBOW INC.
Location: New York, N.Y.

Amaro Montenegro, “the liqueur of the virtues” , was created in 1885 thanks to the lengthy, impassioned experiments of a famous distiller and herbalist, Stanislao Cobianchi. The name “Montenegro” is a dedication to the beautiful princess Elena of Montenegro, who was engaged to Victor Emanuel III. In its over 100 years of history, Amaro Montenegro has seen its success grow continuously up to the present day, now being one of the leading brands on the Italian market. Produced from a blend of over 40 different herbs from all over the world Montenegro involves a distinct soaking and distillation process which results in a liquor sweet in taste with a slightly bitter finish. Appreciated as a digestive for consumption after meals, with soda, on ice or even hot. 23%Alc./Vol.

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