Made From: Cognac Base
Origin: Cognac, France
Proof: 36
Age: 0
Location: San Francisco, Ca.

Covering a vineyard of 25 hectares, the Francois Peyrot Cognac Estate “Les Bergeronnettes” is one of the most prestigious producers of Cognac. Unlike many others, this true boutique estate produces all their Cognac from a single unblended vineyard in the Grande Champagne appellation, the highest quality area within Cognac. All of their farming is 100% organic. They do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. For fertilizer, they use natural kelp from the ocean.

This family run estate has a history dating back to the wine growing business to 1893. In 1956, Jean and Mathilde Peyrot acquired seven hectares of premier cru vines out of which the vineyard Les Bergeronnettes was born. After distillation and cognac production, Jean and Mathilde sold their wares to wholesalers, and the eaux-de-vie of Les Bergeronnettes was used to produce cognac by many other famous brands. Little by little, the vineyard expanded. In 1970, Francois and Gisele Peyrot decided to launch their own brand and Francois Peyrot Cognac was born.As well as cognac, Francois Peyrot also produces liqueurs, the most famous of these being their Williams pear liqueur, and Pineau des Charentes.

All Francois Peyrot liqueurs state “Liqueur of Cognac” on their bottles. In order to make this statement, at least 50% of the alcohol must come from Cognac. Many producers will use a spirit that does not come from Cognac and therefore, cannot use the word “Of Cognac” on their labels. All of Francois Peyrot liqueurs are produced using pure fresh fruits and never extracts. The only exception is the “Rose au Cognac”, which is produced using a special rose bud.

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