Made From: Distilled From Muscat Grape Wine
Produced By: GRAF. T. SCHEUCH
Origin: Ica, Peru
Proof: 90
Age: 0
Importer: Bought On The Internet.

Must be distilled from one single non-aromatic grape varietal like the Quebranta, Mollar or Negra Criolla and sometimes Uvina (hailing from the valley of Lunahuana). The reason this pisco is classified as non-aromatic is because the grapes used have very little aroma when compared to their aromatic sisters. Their gift is not in the nose but in the mouth, meaning their splendor can be appreciated more so when tasted then when smelled. So, unlike a great glass of wine, where the nose is part of the experience of tasting, the non-aromatic piscos aren’t anything to write home about in the nose.

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