Made From: Distilled From The Agave Plant
Produced By: PORFIDIO S.A.
Origin: South Africa
Proof: 80
Age: 0
Importer: Not Imported

As one of the most sought after collectible Tequila brands, Porfidio bottles demand some of the highest prices, and many aficionados still claim that the juice from the 90’s was the best Tequila to ever hit their lips. As the brand that started my love for Tequila and began my crazed addiction and collection, I’ve always wanted to share what makes Porfidio so unique, not only for creating outstanding Tequila, but for introducing new technologies and trends to the industry.

Over twenty years later, Martin Grassl, the man behind Porfidio Tequila continues to produce his products. Battle after battle in Mexico and in the US, Martin has retained his unique trademark and is able to continue with the production of Porfidio.

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