Made From: Distilled From Grape Wine
Produced By: RAYNAL & CIE
Origin: France
Proof: 80
Age: 0

The Three Barrels VSOP (“Very Special Old Pale”) brandy recipe is said to stretch back to 1814. They use a base of white grape eau-de-vie from Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Champagne aged in French Oak. The final blend is made from 20 different aged eau-de-vie. They regard it as one of the top-selling brandies in France.

Raynal & Cie is traces its founding to 1814 with Pinet Casillion company and a logo that showed three stacked barrels. Raynal was later founded in 1840 in Jarnac of the Cognac region in France. Pellison expanded over the next 100 years. The brandy became popular enough that the logo became more identifiable than the company so “Three Barrels Brandy” was marketed in Britain beginning in 1947. Raynal was acquired by Pellisson in 1975. William Grant & Sons purchased Raynal & Cie in 2005.

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