Made From: Pot Stilled From Sugar Cane
Produced By: J.P. GARDERE & Cie
Origin: Haiti
Proof: 86
Age: 0

In 1949, the company relocated to the heart of the sugar cane fields of the Domaine Barbancourt in the plaine du Cul-de-Sac region. By 1952, the successful company ramped up production, transforming itself from what once was a cottage industry into a major producer of quality rum. The rum is double distilled, using a process similar to that used to produce cognac.

Barbancourt is made directly from sugar cane juice rather than the sugar cane by-product molasses. This is similar to the rhum agricole of Martinique, which is strictly controlled by law. Fermenting fresh sugar cane juice provides a more flavorful product. Cacha├ža, from Brazil, is another alcoholic beverage made from fresh sugar cane juice.

Barbancourt’s products are highly regarded and have won many tastings and competitions, and have won excellent reviews from rum connoisseurs. Available in the United States, its Estate Reserve is aged for 15 years. Within the Caribbean region, the original Reserve du Domaine is also aged 15 years, and each bottle previously had a unique serial number-however the labels have changed recently and this is no longer the case. Other popular products include the 5 Star Reserve Speciale aged for eight years, the 3 Star rhum aged four years and a clear, white rhum, all made from fresh sugar cane juice.

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