Made From: Grain Neutral Spirits
Produced By: LA CASITA
Origin: Mexico
Proof: 20
Age: 0
Location: Glendale, Ca.

Rompope is one of many versions of the varied combinations of egg yolk, milk, sugar, and alcoholic spirits that are traditionally used for many celebrations mainly in Europe and the Americas. Dutch advocaat is one known as well as the English eggnog, a descendent of the milk and sherry mix called “posset,” and American eggnog, made with either rum or bourbon, are also similar to rompope. Spain was the original source of the recipes for egg punch that eventually arrived in the Spanish colonies. There are different close relatives of rompope in several countries (where local spirited drinks are incorporated into the mix), but in Mexico rompope became a widely known and popular beverage. Mexican rompope remains mainstream among the locals, and there are several popular commercial brands of this drink widely available in international markets. Mexican rompope is typical of recipes that came out of the convents during Colonial period, particularly from Puebla de Los Angeles. According to tradition, the original Mexican rompope beverage was created in Puebla’s Convento de Santa Clara in the 17th century.

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