Made From: Distilled From Molasses
Produced By: BACARDI CORP.
Origin: San Jaun, Puerto Rico
Proof: 80
Age: 0

By pioneering charcoal filtration and purposeful ageing in rum, he created tools that our Maestros de Ron BACARDI (Master Blenders) continue to use today to create a range of perfectly balanced rums; each with its own interpretation of the BACARDI flavour profile. These include BACARDI Superior, a light, floral and fruity white rum ideal for mixing; BACARDI Gold, a rich golden rum with soft vanilla, spice and oak notes, and BACARDI 8 Anos, a deep and mellow rum aged for a minimum of eight years, which remained the sole preserve of the BacardI family for seven generations.

Eight generations of Don Facundo’s family have sustained his innovative spirit to produce BACARDI, the most awarded rum in the world.

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