Made From: Grain Neutral Spirits
Produced By: HOOGHOUDT
Origin: Holland
Proof: 80
Age: 0
Location: Teaneck, N.J.

Royalty was created in 1993 to give consumers a ‘royal experience’ of premium quality vodka & flavoured vodka drinks. Years of experience and craftsmanship have created the unique tastes of Royalty: Pure, smooth and full of flavour, meeting royal standards, yet accessible, relativized, disarming. With a differentiating bottle shape, Royalty has real integrity and distinction.

The base for Royalty comes from 100% grain. 100% Northern France winter wheat to be exact, known to contain the purest form of starch, delivering a very pure and smooth alcohol.

The wheat grain alcohol used for Royalty is continuously distilled by means of a unique four-column rectification process, ensuring fusel oils and other impurities to be removed way more effectively. At the same time, a special vacuum technique is used to distil the alcohol at lower temperatures to prevent possible burning of sugars in the fermented mash. As a result, the alcohol used for the production of Royalty is extremely clean, a difference you can smell and taste.

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