Made From: Distilled From Grape Wine
Produced By: P. THOMOPOULOS & SON S.A.
Origin: Piraeus, Greece
Proof: 80
Age: 0
Location: Malverne, N.Y.

A new breakthrough has been made in the area of Greek Distillery: One of the most traditional distilleries in our country, the “Greek Distillery II. Thomopoulou and Son”, based in Piraeus now terminates all activities in privately owned facilities, land 15,000 sq. measures in Kaminia (Chr. Smyrnis 44).

End season on a run of four generations, starting from somewhere a century earlier, in 1905, when Peter Thomopoylos excellent student in the art of distillation which he learned from his father, created Ouzo Sans Rival that was to establish as a classic, traditional Greek ouzo keeps unadulterated its original characteristics without exception: Careful selection and sorting raw materials (anise, fennel, mastic, etc.) of the most famous locations, collect during the distillation of the “heart” of the distillate ouzo (78% alcohol content) and diluting it with distilled water up to 46 degrees.

In 1925, Peter Thomopoylos built in Kaminia Piraeus ultramodern for its time Distillery, the fame of which spread very quickly not only in Greece but also in the homes of Greeks abroad in dozens of foreign countries, gradually creating a unique export expansion from the United States of America and Canada to Somalia, Sudan and Australia, which is maintained until today.

In 1953 begins its activation in the business by his son, Chris Thomopoylos (chemical) and 1971, the Distillery is transformed into SA called “Greek Distillery II. Thomopoulou and Son.”

Its products Distillery constantly growing: The famous Ouzo Sans Rival (with an alcoholic degree of 46%) is released in about 15 different packages and added production Brandy (5 and 7 star) Liqueur (in eleven different species), Gin, Vodka , Rum, Grenadine (pomegranate taste different coctails) and Mastic (in% 38 vol.)

The next generation of the family (his children Chris Thomopoulou) began gradually expanding their activities in family Distillery few years ago, when suddenly and unexpectedly changed everything:

The Christos Thomopoylos (at the age of 90 now) and Nikos Kaloyiannis (in the fifth decade of his life), he agreed to create a new Societe Anonyme under the name ” Distillery Christos Thomopoulou “in which Nick Kaloyiannis acquired a majority stake and which transferred all the “signals Greek Distillery II. Thomopoulou and Son.” There were even known the economic conditions of the agreement opens a new page in the history of ouzo “Sans Rival”.

The new “Distillery Christos Thomopoulou” under the control of Nikos Kalogianni, now took over production and distribution (in Greece and abroad) of Ouzo “Sans Rival”. The Christos Thomopoylos (family Christos Thomopoulou retains minority stake in the new company) took control of quality in the production process to ensure the continuation of traditional production of Ouzo Sans Rival new production facilities to be selected (in Kifissia or Plomari).

Recall that Nikos Kaloyiannis is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of Greek distillery for superior performance in the field of marketing:

He created the “Ouzo 12” that persisted for many years, first in sales in the Greek market (still today first export) and then to transferred to METAXA – Today the “Ouzo 12” belongs to the companies’ AMVYX “and” Campari “.

Then he created the “Ouzo Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis” which catapulted within a few years first in the Greek market -in which remains today, and with the collaboration of Maxxium (which is broader cooperation) notes sharp rise in German argora.

It is considered certain that the traditional Ouzo Sans Rival is a new challenge for Kalogianni Nikos where (we at least) we are absolutely confident that you will respond with even greater success.

One fact remains indisputable, however: A new era begins for the famous, traditional Ouzo «Sans Rival» which grew several generations of Greeks. The new approach to marketing and distribution, is expected to lead to the place it deserves in the preference of Greek consumers.

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