Made From: Distilled From Grain
Produced By: SEAGER, EVANS & Co. LTD.
Origin: London, England
Proof: 90
Age: 0
Importer: Bought On The Internet.

In 1922 the distillery was moved to Deptford, and there followed thereafter a period of expansion for Seager Evans. They branched out into whisky, establishing Strathclyde Grain distillery in 1927, and founding a subsidiary, Long John International Ltd, in the same year to operate their new whisky business. They also expanded into international markets, opening a gin distillery in Chile in 1929, and another in Brazil in 1934.

The company was acquired by Schenley Industries of New York in 1956, and under new ownership the company’s efforts were focused more strongly on the whisky market, with a number of investments in that sector, including the purchasing of Laphroaig in 1962.

The end of the name Seager Evans and Co. came in 1970 when the company was renamed Long John International Ltd.

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