Made From: Botanicals
Produced By: Southwestern Distillery Ltd.
Origin: Cornwall
Proof: 84
Age: 0
Importer: Brought On The Internet

To make Tarquin’s award-winning Cornish Dry Gin, 11 of Tarquin’s hand-selected botanicals are added to our stills (with the exception of the violets) and left to macerate overnight in a wheat based neutral grain spirit. In the morning we add the missing violets, to complete the botanical recipe, and then it’s time to fire up the stills. As the stills heat up we constantly monitor the process, nosing and tasting as the distilled spirit as it comes off the still at different temperatures. We collect only the purest ‘heart of the distillation’ collecting and setting aside the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ cuts (the first and last parts of the distillation) that don’t make the most selective taste and texture grade.

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