Made From: Distilled From The Agave Plant
Origin: Jalisco, Mexico
Proof: 80
Age: 0
Location: White Plains, N.Y.

NOM 1111
Old-world techniques meet modern day standards inside each bottle of Tequila Tezón. Even with it’s limited availability this super-premium 100% blue agave tequila hit the U.S. market in June 2006 and made a big splash. The range of tequilas produced by Tezón is distinctive as a whole and each are separately spectacular from the clear silkiness of the Blanco to the spicy vanilla of the Reposado and the creamy oak of the Añejo. All are handsomely mastered with passion and care that you can taste in each sip.

Behind the Tequila

The modern-faced distillery has a style and mystique that is both inviting and intriguing and stands as testament for the product that is created within it’s walls.

Tezón begins by harvesting select 8-12 year-old agave plants from the red dirt fields surrounding the distillery. After removing the cogollo, or bitter sprout, the clean agave pias are loaded into brick ovens where they are baked for three days. The time taken to slowly roast the agave contributes to the notable organic flavor of the finished tequila and distinguishes it from many others.

The tahona wheel, made of a dark volcanic rock called tezontle, is the traditional method of crushing the baked agave in preparation for the fermentation process. The giant grinding wheel revolves inside a shallow pit, crushing the agave into thin fibers and extracting its juices. A man yielding a rake follows the wheel as it slowly circles; sifting the agave to ensure each fiber is crushed evenly. After two long hours of constant labor one ton of agave is ready for the next step.

The difference between the production rate of the tahona method and the eight tons per hour produced by machines is a testament to craftsmanship and is the main reason Tezón is available only in limited quantities.

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