Made From: Distilled From The Agave Plant
Origin: Tonaya, Jalisco, Mexico
Proof: 80
Age: 10
Location: Valparaiso, In.

The Tonayan mezcal comes as the poor cousin of tequila. In the first years of independent Mexico the masses of the country took tequila to celebrate, forget the pains and emboldened to suck. But the tequila became mainstream because of Jose Alfredo Jimenez and movies Golden Age of Mexican cinema, who became aspirational getting drunk with this liquor. Like all Mexicans wanted to get drunk as Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete, the price of tequila rose to the clouds and the masses and could not be drunk as before.

They began to look for other hard liquor and low price. They tried alcohol pharmacy, but could only consume once since the esophagus was destroyed, though free of germs and bacteria. They found a not so poisonous liquor as the healing spirit and not as expensive as the tequila. This was the mezcal.

Mezcal is like tequila, with the difference that is not manufactured in the town of Tequila, Jalisco. In short, mezcal is tequila pirate. Mescal began to gain currency among the people of Mexico and some industries that were benefiting from this consumption. Among the industries most benefited were the ophthalmologists, for the many people who left blind after a binge with mezcal, and liver doctors, since they had more patients with cirrhosis who had ever dreamed.

But the film industry that can turn a stone into pure gold, transformed the image of mezcal. The new Mexican cinema showing the latest artist drunk with mezcal. The Mexican people saw as men and women consumed large amounts of mezcal, as the new Mexican cinema was not as misogynistic as the golden age. Similar to tequila, mezcal prices rose, but also because women were buying.

Mexican popular classes were left without liquor new account and were planning to return to destroy their digestive systems with medicinal alcohol, when a businessman found a cheaper booze. This drink was a combination of liquor mezcal plant with a cheap chemicals that made the liquor ferment faster. The normal mezcal had to let it sit and drink not new. But the chemicals were highly unstable to be cheap, so that if they injected these microbes could die or form a new civilization.

The Tonayan mezcal was called in honor of the city where it was discovered. It is the most sold in Mexico, thanks to its low cost and which can be purchased anywhere, especially in schools, hospitals and churches liquor. In addition to drunk consumer has other uses as fuel, wound disinfectant ingredient and chemical weapons.

The manufacturing process is carried out Tonayan follows. First you have to go to the fields of tequila and mezcal of Mexico more important to steal agave liquor. It must go at night and with a machete to defend dogs and guards. Once you have obtained the liquor and has not been the victim of a human or canine attack, you have to run like a soul to the devil to the vehicle where the raw material is transported.

Once it reaches the ground, you have to empty the brandy in a giant bathtub. Then empty the tub is a combination of chemicals that will handle the aging process liquor, give degrees of alcohol (fermentation) and kill microbes or bacteria that bring brandy. If for some reason the chemicals cause a new civilization in the tub is formed, must lead to genocide and strain the liquid to remove the remains of the extinct culture.

Once the liquid is ready, it is passed to the packaging process. It is packaged in plastic bottles that look like they are going to break the first contact. And indeed break, but since then there will be time to clean. Once packaged, they are arranged in cardboard boxes and taken to sell to major retailers in the country. As it is a product with high demand, is always looking for the street vendors are well stocked so they can offer Tonayan outside parks, schools, hospitals and churches.

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