Made From: Armagnac Base
Produced By: GRACE - DIEU
Origin: France
Proof: 75
Age: 0

Trappistine is a liqueur prepared by the Trappist monks of certain French monasteries. Two varieties are produced; green and yellow. The Trappist are a branch of the Cistercian reform of the Bénédictine Order. They originated at the Cistercian Abbey of La Trappe in Normandy, frowm whence they took their name. In 1662 Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rance, a man of high rank who had been a court chaplain and was the owner of the abbey estates, became converted, retired to the abbey, and in 1664 was elected abbot. He found the community lax and disorganised, and introduced a system of unexampled austerity, the rules imposing strict enclosure, perpetual silence, and rigorous fasting. The Trappist monks undertake no outside work, but employ themselves entirely with the choir offices and manual labor.

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