Made From: Distilled From At Least 51% Corn
Produced By: BARTON
Origin: Ky. U.S.A.
Proof: 128
Age: 13
Importer: Made In The U.S.A.
Location: Ky.

The label states it is “Distilled at Barton”, so made in Bardstown by Constellation Brands. (The distillery has been renamed Tom Moore). My bottle is Cask 64 and I know there were at least two other casks from which Two Bob’s was bottled. The barrels were sent to Europe and bottling was done there, by Ian McLeod Distillers in Scotland says the label. Distillation date (per label again) is June, 1994 and bottling date, August 2007, so some of the aging may have occurred in Scotland in said distiller’s warehouse – unless, that is, the barrels were sent over after they reached 13 years of age and were bottled shortly after landing. It is intriguing to think the barrels may have rested for some years in a Scots whisky warehouse before bottling, possibly taking (and giving) additional character there. Anyway, it’s a hands-across-the ocean result to a degree since apart from these posited data it is signed “approved” by a “Rare Malt Manager”.

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