Made From: Distilled From Grapes
Produced By: UNICA VODKA
Origin: Princeton, Mn. U.S.A.
Proof: 80
Age: 0
Location: Scobeyville, N.J. U.S.A.

UVIX is a super premium vodka made from selected Italian grapes. UVIX joins an exclusive group of premium vodkas made from grapes. “Grape sugars are a more noble sugar molecule and produce a better tasting, higher quality vodka than vodkas made from sugars derived from grain”, says winemaker and brand owner, Mauro Stival.

Tom Alberico, VP Sales & Marketing at Laird & Co. said, “The market is flooded with Vodka from Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and France but up until now, Italians have not made their mark in this category. Historically Italians don’t drink much Vodka, but that is all changing. We believe there is an untapped market for a premium Italian Vodka.”

The name UVIX stands for, ‘Unique Italian Vodka XO’. It is made from white Italian grapes that are partially fermented and distilled in a seven-step process. The water used in the UVIX Vodka is obtained from a spring in the Italian Alps, which the Stival family controls.

A graphic artist in Venice designed the UVIX bottle. It is pure Italian style-clean and sleek. The bottle itself is not etched with acid, which poses a significant problem for disposal, but is made using a newly patented laser process with no negative environmental results.

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