Made From: Corn, Rye & Barley Malt
Origin: Canada
Proof: 80
Age: 10
Location: Weston, Mo.

Wiser’s production begins with grains sourced from the Great Lakes Region.

Using malt purchased from a supplier, Wiser’s cooks, ferments, distills and ages all grains corn, rye, barley and wheat separately in a variety of casks, including virgin oak or once-used AB casks, used wine casks or multiple-used Canadian whisky casks. Wisers’ then blends the components at the end using recipes created by the Master Blender. Canadian whisky is a blended product.

Flours are combined and mixed into a pre-mix tank along with cold water, back stillage and nitrogen to make the mash.

Mash is cooked at 72 degrees C or higher using steam to release enzymes that break the starch down into sugar units. Enzymes from the malt help convert the starch to sugar.
Using a non-contact method that utilizes plates, mash is cooled with water from the Great Lakes Water Shed to a fermentation temperature of 32 degrees C
Yeast is added, which converts sugar into equal parts alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Mash enters the top of the distillation column and flavour compounds are separated by boiling points to create high wines. High wines can be further distilled using the pot still (batch process) for concentrated flavours, or double distilled in a column still to strip out flavours and create a base whisky.

J.P. Wiser’s uses white oak American Bourbon, once-used AB casks, or port casks, wine casks or multiple-used casks (depending on the recipe) that have been charred on the inside to age whisky for a minimum of three years. The temperature extremes of the Great Lakes Region have a unique effect on the aging of Canadian whiskies not found anywhere else in the world.

Depending on the desired whisky, the solution may be filtered chilled, non-chilled or remain unfiltered.

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