Made From: Distilled From At Least 51% Corn
Origin: Versailles, Ky. U.S.A.
Proof: 92.4
Age: 0
Importer: Made In The U.S.A.
Location: Versailles, Ky.

Just to review, the Four Grain is a bourbon made from four grains: corn, wheat, rye and barley. Most bourbons use rye or wheat as the secondary grain, but this bourbon uses both. First batch, a smaller release of 3,404 bottles which stayed in Kentucky. A second, wider release would go national.

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Four Grain Bourbon is made at the same distillery Woodford Reserve Bourbon is made, nestled in the rolling hill of Kentucky horse farms in Woodford County at Labrot and Graham Distillery. Bourbon traditionally is made with corn, malted barley, and either rye or wheat as the flavor grain. The mash for this Four Grain whiskey contains all four. The Master’s Collection is an umbrella under which Woodford Reserve will from time to time release small quantities of unique 100% triple distilled copper pot still whiskey. (Woodford Reserve is also triple distilled but contains both pot and column stilled bourbon). Four Grain was initially released in Kentucky in October of 2005 and a second and final batch was released in late October 2006. The final batch consisted of 9,360 bottles. At the unveiling, selected whiskey writers tasted samples from 14 different barrels of Four Grain, and eliminated two to select the 12 barrels to be bottled. All of the whiskey was distilled in the Spring of 1999. According to master distiller Chris Morris, the recipe was inspired by one they found dating from 1903. Probably the biggest attraction of this product besides the four grains, is the fact that it is the only 100% copper pot still bourbon available. Even the bottle’s unique shape mimics that of a copper still.

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